Rectangular Concrete Pool with Heated Spillover Spa

concrete project with spillover spa

Rectanglular gunite concrete pool featuring a heated spillover spa.


In-floor cleaning system

Spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it with an in-floor cleaning system. Pop-up sweeping heads push debris to the pool’s deep end, working like a lawn sprinkler from one end to the other. Debris is removed by a specialized drain and carried to a convenient container. The sweeping heads are color matched to blend with your pool finish.

Sun shelf with bubbler

Also known as a Baja shelf, this shallow section of a pool functions as a second, oversized step into deeper water where kids and adults can relax and play. Add to the luxurious look with a bubbler, making wading even more enjoyable.

Swim out/seating benches

Benches offer an alternative entrance to the pool for swimmers without taking up valuable pool-area real estate. Enter the pool comfortably, spend time sitting restfully in the water or simply enjoy this visually enriching pool feature.

One-touch propane fire pit

Friends and family have gathered around fire since the beginning of time. Bring of piece of tradition into your own backward with an easy-to-use fire pit, conveniently located near your beautiful pool.  No need for complicated lighting equipment – one touch is all it takes.

Umbrella anchored in sun shelf

Sun shelves are perfect for relaxing in beach chairs or allowing kids to play safely. Why not add some shade? An easily accessible umbrella anchor, available in sunshelf for your concrete pools  and also available in a concrete deck attached to the side of vinyl sunshelfs.   located directly on your sun shelf, makes it easy to stay out of the sun whenever you see fit.

Natural stone coping/deck

Coping, the capping or covering along the edge of your pool wall, is key for both luxury and lounging. Natural stone coping has the ability to stay cooler in scorching temperatures, provides a smooth walking surface and adds a touch of natural beauty.

Colored Plaster

The interior finish of your pool can lend heavily to its style and charm. Choosing a dark plaster finish adds depth to your pool’s appearance and enhances the water’s reflective quality. Colored plaster resembles a natural lake, and creates a stunning mirrored effect.

Saltwater system

Turning your pool into a saltwater haven reduces the level of microorganisms significantly, cutting down on maintenance and cleaning costs. No need to constantly transport chlorine to and from your backyard – saltwater pools are essentially a mini-chlorine factory. Time, money and sanitation. What could be better?